Automation a BIT above the rest for your hybrid DAW system.

The Concept Behind Us

DAWtomation was conceived in 2014 by today's present design team and the forefathers of desk automation’s inception leading back to the 70’s-90's. That was when fidelity and musical dynamics still ruled the airwaves. Then appeared a void that the audio industry had been longing forever since the DAW’s internal automation stripped us of that third dimension of fidelity. And stole the proper usage of analogue tools we have grown to know and love for over half of a century.

The solution was a way to add automation without compromising the sound quality of an analogue desk. This combined with the usage of our plug in within your DAW will allow you to seamlessly mix the way you want to again. With having the ability to use any outboard equipment and none of the DA level artifacts of internal DAW automation.

We currently are only AAX/VST Mac Supported.

(DAWtomation is in no way affiliated with Classic Audio Products, Inc.)

Currently VST is in it's Beta Phase.

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