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MOTORDRIVE is a moving fader analog level automation system controlled by your DAW that will fit into any analog desk with a fader fascia 35mm or wider. We have not had any problems with fader depth's in the desks beds at this point. The system is available in three different tactile hardware versions (MACH I, MACH II, MACH III to help meet the consumer’s budget. It currently supports the ProTools platform and we are almost finished beta testing a VST version (Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper etc)

The key feature of MOTORDRIVE is the DAW plug-in which can control the analog level of your mixing desk via motorized fader's. This gives you the ability for audio levels coming out of your DAW to remain in tact and at full scale thus providing your outboard gear with none of the level changing artifacts that regularly occur when using normal DAW automation.

MOTORDRIVE will allow you to combine the convenience and benefits of a DAW with the power and fidelity of a true analog mix with a latency of less than half a Millisecond.

MOTORDRIVE is not HUI or any other past protocol which limits the amount of automatable tracks to only 32. With the development of our proprietary protocol transmitted over Ethernet (TCP/IP), we are able to control 128 tracks of analog automation with no need to use MIDI or burn extra tracks to use the system. Just place the plug-in on a track and automate away. We have insured that our audio fader taper is exact to your DAW. So, you may copy and paste previously written automation into our plug-in matching it seamlessly. This also holds true vice versa.

You can also access your automation through our DAWtomix application which allows you to view and control banks of 8 channels simultaneously. Toggling between the banks is easy with the bank select buttons.

The Wild Group Function is able to be fitted to any of the versions of the hardware at an additional cost. This feature is for users that have become accustomed to mixing with VCA style groups.

MACH I: Includes Solo and Mute. All other functions are accessed through the plug-in.


MACH III: Includes all tactile functions (MINUS WILD GROUPS).

All systems require a Master Power Supply Unit and ethernet router for up to 32 channels. Each additional 24 channels will require an expander Power Supply and a 24 port ethernet Switch.

Installation charge may vary depending on the desk the amount of units we will be installing and travel costs. To determine installation cost prior to purchasing, please contact Tech Support at These costs will be invoiced separately after purchase.

We are able to modify any fader beds or metal work also for an additional fee.

We are also able to make the fader fascia's any colour or font or engravings at an additional fee.

Due to each unit being made to order, Motor Drive takes 14-20 weeks to manufacture and ship. We hope to speed this up over the next 6 months.

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