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The new SOLO8 analogue VCA level automation system is controlled by your DAW. It currently supports the ProTools platform. We are almost finished Beta testing a VST version (Nuendo, Cubase, Reaper etc) . We are currently only Mac supported.

The key features of the system is the DAW plugin and hardware. It has the ability to control the analogue level of your mixing desk via automated low distortion VCA’s in 8 channel boxes connected via the universal DB25 standard.

The system is not HUI nor any other past protocol, which might limit the amount of automatable tracks to only 32. With the development of our proprietary protocol transmitted over Ethernet, we are able to control 128 tracks of analogue automation (Up to 16 SOLO8 UNITS).

We use a tactile binary switch configuration on the back to configure what unit is where in the ethernet chain. Weather it be 1-8 or 41-48. There is a detailed legend in the manual which is simple and easy to follow.

There is no need to use MIDI or burn an extra track with this system. Just install the software and hardware and place the plugin on a track and automate away.

This gives the ability for audio levels coming out of your DAW to remain intact at full scale, and provide your outboard gear with none of the level changing artifacts that occur when using normal DAW automation from D/A level changes. It will allow you to combine the convenience and benefits of a DAW with the power and fidelity of a true analogue mix.

In a normal desk situation signal flow wise we would suggest placing it at the insert path after your outboard equipment and into your insert return which is normally your desks fader. And in a summing mix situation we would suggest placing it between the output of your outboard equipment and the line input to your summing mixer. It's all just that easy.

And when not in use you may keep everything patched in. There is a hard relay bypass eliminating all of the automation's circuitry.

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